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Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so inactive, I’ve just come off the end of my exams so hopefully i’ll be around more often! Anyway, I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on this blog lately and have decided to set some challenges to boost up the traffic! Whoohoo let’s go! But before I do that, if you know anyone who might like to contribute to this blog pls comment their username down below so I can add them in!


  • Please share your favourite piece of fan art! It could be something you drew or something you came across by someone else (pls credit them tho if u share)
  • ¬†ART CHALLENGE: Draw your favourite scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


  • Share a one shot that you’ve written and absolutely love or want to share with everyone!
  • ¬†WRITING CHALLENGE: Make up your own tri-wizard challenge and have any character canon or OC go through it!

Have Fun

From Tanzeem