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Favourite Character

Hello everyone!

I know that choosing a favourite character can feel like choosing a favourite child, but I would love to get to know the fellow Potterheads on this site better. So… which character is your favourite from the HP Universe? I’d find this question tough to answer, but definitely either Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore or Newt.

As a Hufflepuff, I feel that I really should say Newt. He’s so funny and sweet in an I-don’t-realise-I’m-adorable kind of way. I was not a fan of “Crimes of Grindlewald” because of (no spoilers) CERTAIN EVENTS at the end. I still can’t wait to see more of him. Also, young Newt in the movies is such a cutie.

From the original series, it would probably be Dumbledore. Other than the fact that he’s a total a**hole in the later books, I love him. He’s certainly the comedic relief of the novel, but also profound and inspiring when it is called on.

So let me know what characters you love!



I always loved Lupin and Sirius

9th Aug, 19

The Marauders are great!

12th Aug, 19

I love Lupin/Moony, James/Prongs, Sirius/ Padfoot & Peter/ Wormtail!

7th Aug, 20

Also Ginny & Hermione

7th Aug, 20